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Reviews and Awards

Edinburgh Scholarship Online contains many prize-winning titles, and award-winning authors. See the list below for more details.

Prizes and Awards

Border Politics by Nick Vaughan-Williams is Winner of the Gold Award, 2011 Past Presidents' Book Competition, Association of Borderlands Studies

The Transformation of Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire by John Curry is Joint Winner of the Iranian World Prize for the Islamic Studies Book of Year

Vaninskaya, Anna.  William Morris and the Idea of Community: Romance, History and Propaganda, 1880–1914 has been named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2011

Hollywood’s Blacklists by Reynold Humphries was named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2009


‘Nicholas Freeman's entertaining and instructive book [focusses] closely on the events of 1895.  He stitches together a rich tapestry of the year's incidents, debates, scandals and diversions...It is a crowded canvas, and a thought-provoking one.’
 – Review of 1895: Drama, Disaster and Disgrace in Late Victorian Britain by Nicholas Freeman in the Times Literary Supplement

‘From an historiographical standpoint, this work is uniquely invaluable for anyone who wishes to grasp the complexities of the various scholarly debates.’
– Review of Archaeology and the Emergence of Greece by Anthony Snodgrass in Bryn Mawr Classical Review

This is a superb foray into the emergent area of Deleuzian inspired film-philosophy.
– Review of Deleuze and Cinema by Barbara Kennedy in Scope

‘In the growing debate over future environmental choices, these essays constitute a powerful corrective to the extremes on both sides.’
– Review of Exploring Environmental History by T.C Smout in Scottish Historical Review

‘This book is indispensible for anyone with a serious interest in the individual works of Derrida and Lacan, as well as in the complex relations between them. It is closely argued and meticulously documented. The style is remarkably limpid given the complexity of the texts under examination.’
– Review of Derrida and Lacan by Michael Lewis in Symploke

‘This readable and witty book is nothing less than a landmark for anyone interested in the history of ideas, the study of language and the problem of knowledge formation in interdisciplinary research.’
– Review of Saussure and his Interpreters by Roy Harris in Language and Literature

‘This book will be indispensable to scholars and students of both Ottoman history and the history of Sufism. I highly recommend it for its analytical and methodological approaches, its engaging narrative, and its ability to open a window to still poorly appreciated social and religious dynamics in the early modern period of Islamic history.’
– Review of The Transformation of Muslim Mystical Thought in the Ottoman Empire by John Curry in the International Journal of Middle East Studies
‘An original and insightful intervention into the already well-covered debate of feminism vs. multiculturalism. The book summarizes and critiques many previous arguments on this topic and introduces a new approach that convincingly brings together feminism and multiculturalism ... Summing Up: Highly Recommended.’
– Review of Women’s Rights as Multicultural Claims by Monica Mookherjee in Choice

‘This well-research volume provides a solid survey of the documentary tradition in the US ... Highly recommended.’
– Review of American Documentary Film by Jeffrey Geiger in Choice

‘Underhill follows through on what he sees as lacking in metaphor studies: he shares insights from non-English-speaking scholars, he examines individual speech, he translates from other languages, he notes the history of concepts, and he demonstrates individuals not being entirely subsumed by the discourse of a prevailing ideology. For all these characteristics, this book is an invaluable contribution to the field of metaphor studies… Besides cognitive linguists, this book will also be invaluable for critical discourse analysts wishing to incorporate the study of metaphor into their work and for ethnographers who examine the history of the community of their research, as well as for scholars of rhetoric and of worldview.’
– Review of Creating Worldviews by James Underhill in Linguist List

‘Noble Power’s focus is on power in practice, and Brown’s conclusions about how nobles exercised and maintained power are invaluable.’
– Review of Noble Power in Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution by Keith Brown in H-Albion

‘The most significant development in anarchist theory in recent years has rested upon, in a sense, a rejection of anarchism’s past … Newman’s attempt to salvage the ‘ultimate horizon for radical politics’ offered by anarchism, from its reliance on dubious ‘immutable natural laws and processes, whose truth would be revealed through science’, leads to a significant commentary on the historical tradition … [His] interrogation of anarchism’s past raises important questions, and casts probing light on the giants of the tradition: Bakunin and Kropotkin in particular.’
– Review of The Politics of Postanarchism by Saul Newman in the European Review of History: Revue europeenne d'histoire

‘Usefully brings together essays not all of which are easily accessible … more interesting still – breathtaking, in fact – is the way it shows how the field has developed in thirty years … Overall, a book which is highly entertaining, instructive, accessible to teenagers, essential for students and extremely useful for teachers.’
– Review of Sex and Difference in Ancient Greece and Rome by Mark Golden and Peter Toohey in the Journal of Classics Teaching

‘Anna Vaninskaya's book is absorbing, thoroughly researched and original.’
– Review of William Morris and the Idea of Community: Romance, History and Propaganda, 1880–1914 by Anna Vaninskaya in Victorian Studies

‘A useful overview of issues relating to Muslims in Britain, with a particular focus on the political and media context of the last decade or more … The book has two overriding strengths. It is highly readable, with a clear structure and concise overview of significant socio-political issues … A second strength can be found in the extensive qualitative material deployed to support more general discussions concerning familiar and high-profile political issues. The multiple voices of young Muslim participants in this study regularly shine through, highlighting the ways in which individuals form and express nuanced opinions, often on matters that are frequently simplified by mainstream discourse.’
– Review of Young British Muslims by Nahid Kabir in Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations