PortmahomackMonastery of the Picts

PortmahomackMonastery of the Picts

Martin Carver

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780748624416

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press


This book relates the rediscovery of a monastery of the 8th century AD, one of the earliest so far seen in northern Europe. It lies in north-east Scotland in the land of the Picts, a largely forgotten people here shown to have been highly intellectual thinkers and consummate artists. The excavation, one of the largest to have taken place in Scotland, revealed burials in stone cists, over 200 pieces of carved stone grave markers and ornamented cross-slabs, workshops making sacred vessels and vellum for holy books, unusual bag-shaped buildings and a water-mill. The book has three parts: “Exploring”, “The Age of Fame” and :“Legacy”. It tells the story of the investigation, describes what was found and what it means for the history of Scotland and the understanding of early religion for us today. The book is provided at the back with a Digest of Evidence, summarising the archaeological finds, layers, features, structures and the results of survey, making it handy for student use at school and university and essential for fellow archaeologists.