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DundeeRenaissance to Enlightenment$

Charles McKean, Bob Harris, and Christopher A. Whatley

Print publication date: 2009

Print ISBN-13: 9781845860165

Published to Edinburgh Scholarship Online: September 2015

DOI: 10.3366/edinburgh/9781845860165.001.0001

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(p.297) Bibliography

(p.297) Bibliography

Edinburgh University Press

Archival Sources

Angus Archives

Montrose Town Council Minutes

Blair Castle

Atholl Papers

Centre for South Asian Studies, Cambridge

Duncan Papers

Dundee Central Library

The Charles Lawson Collection

The Lamb Collection

Dundee City Archives

Auchterhouse Session Minutes. CH2/23

Book of Acts and Decrees of the Council

Charters and Writs: ‘Decreet by King James VI and the Lords of Council deciding the dispute between the towns of Perth and Dundee respecting their privileges on the Tay and the precedence’. CC1/79

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Dundee Presbytery Minutes. CH2/103

Dundee Register of Ships

Dundee Treasurer’s Accounts

Guildry Sederunt, 9 May 1735

Land Tax Register, 1826–30

Lawburrows Books of Dundee, 1775 to 1799

Lockit Book, 1740–60

Minute Book of the Harbour Committee

Minutes of the Dundee Public Library

Sederunt book belonging to the fraternity of maltmen at Dundee, 26 November 1791. GD/HF/M1/1

Shoremaster’s Accounts Martinmas 1757–8

The Report of John Smeaton, engineer, upon the Harbour of Dundee, 15 March 1770

Town Council Minutes (TCM)

Wedderburn of Pearsie Papers

Edinburgh City Archives

Accompt of the State and condition of the Burgh of Striline, 1700. SL 30/223

Convention of Royal Burghs: Report of the Commissioners Appoynted for visiting the Burgh of Dundee, 13 June 1700. SL 30/223

Information to the Right Honourable Convention of Burrows anent the Caice of the Royall Burghs in the shire of Angus, 1716. SL 30/227

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Petitions for the Burgh of Dundee. SL 30/221

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Edinburgh City Library Special Collections

Andrew Armstrong’s Journal, 1789–93. DA 1861.789

(p.298) Edinburgh University Library

Laing Papers

Glamis Castle

Glamis papers

Strathmore Papers

Huntington Library

Stowe Collection. ST57/30

National Archives of Scotland

Abercairney Muniments. GD24/1/464

Acts of Parliament. PA2

Alexander Piper of Newgrange Papers. RH15/101

A Narrative of the Arrest, Examination & Imprisonment of George Mealmaker. RH2/4/83

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Demographic and occupational profile of Dundee, 1811. SC47/71/4

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Montrose Manuscripts.


North Circuit Minute Books. JC11

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Papers of the Dundas Family of Melville. GD51

Papers of the Gordon Family. GD44

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PC 1/51

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Papers of the Earl of Strathmore

(p.299) National Library of Scotland

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Melville Papers

Saltoun Papers. MS 17567

Travel journal of unidentified Irish visitor, 1818. MS 2795

Yester Papers. MS 7026

Newton Castle

Macpherson of Clunie Papers

Perth and Kinross Council Archives

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Baron Kinnaird of Inchture, Rossie Priory Papers. MS 100

Hunters of Glencarse Papers. MS 177

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Letteris for Perth for the superioritie of place Perth aganis Dundie, 16 June 1582. B59/26/1/9/2

List of Sentences and Death Warrants. B59/26/11

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St Andrews University Library

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Tamil Nadu State Archives

Mayor’s Court Records, Private Miscellaneous xii (c): ‘Diary of George Bruce, 9 November 1776 to 18 September 1777’

University of Dundee Archives Services

John P. Ingram Collection. MS 73

Mr James Guthrie’s Diary. BRMS 3/DC46

Papers relating to Naughton Estate and Castle and the Crawford Family. MS15/218/4

Newspapers, Periodicals and Directories

Caledonian Mercury

Dumfries Weekly Journal

Dundee Magazine and Journal of the Times

Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser

Dundee Weekly Advertiser

Dundee Weekly Magazine

Edinburgh Advertiser

Edinburgh Evening Courant

Edinburgh Gazetteer

Edinburgh Herald

Glasgow Courier

The London directory for the year 1778. Containing an alphabetical list of the names and places of abode of the merchants and principal traders (London, 1778)

Scots Chronicle

Scots Magazine

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